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Friday, January 13, 2012

Wine store shelving

Sometimes a job that looks simple can turn out to be a complex headache, but
this small job, done for a local winery's outlet store, turned out to make a big
improvement for the store owners, both in efficiency and appearance. Here is the chronology in pictures.

Sand Castle Winery's "Taste Store" decided to make an adjustment in their shelf area, both to hold more stock and also to improve the overall appearance.

They also needed more space to get boxes of wine organized and off the showroom floor.

This "before" picture shows bottles stored upright in the two lower shelf areas

A decision was made to try to increase the storage capacity of these two lower shelves.

Working with the management, a plan for using diagonal dividers was devised and the shelves were cleared.
A triangular pattern allows the bottles to be stored on their sides which will then use the full depth of the space.  Wines can now be sorted by type with easier access to each bottle.  Here the top row is complete.

Special pieces were added to stabilize these angled dividers when they are fully stocked.

Everything looks good... stable and solid.

The shelves are done and the bottles are added.  When color coded like this the look is very impressive.  Now the wine is stored correctly and organized to the max in this the "after" picture.