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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dining Room wall 2

        The last pictures take you on site and to completion.
     Here you see the basic problems; existing work; large window; radiator; and walls of two different depths.  The base cabinets are in.

    The tall  wall units are in place.  It's starting to take shape.

    Everything is complete!  The radiator, (which isn't centered on the wall or under the window), now looks like it belongs there.  Counter is in place, the trim is in and matches the older work, and the glass doors are finished.  Looks great in the morning light.  Whew!  On to the next event............

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dining Room window wall

     This project took awhile to complete for many reasons.  The first was that the area of shelving had to match the existing section that I had made two years before.  The second problem was fitting around a large window, a radiator and uneven walls.  Added was the angles necessitated by the design.  The two sides of the window were not the same and the shelves weren't cut at a 45.   However, in all the project turned out very well and provided plenty of storage space.  Now the window and the wall are a focal point in the room.

Here are some pictures showing the progress of work.

The pieces are all stained and on the rack.   Second begins the hard part, dealing with all the angles pieces.
Here begins fitting doors on the base cabinets.

Building the radiator cover was tricky because you have to be able to take it out
to service the radiator.  It also had to fit perfectly under the counter.  Grill work let air circulate.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Not all woodworking involves making furniture.  There are infinite projects that you can be invited to do if people know you are a woodworker.  This project comes from a friend who owns pizza shops.  He is making a 28 inch pie and, of course, needs super-sized peels for getting the pies out of the oven. 

These "paddles" have to taper toward the edges so they slip easily under the pie in the oven.  When I made the first one a few months ago, I hand planed the entire surface.  This time I used a sled for my planer which gave me most of the taper I needed before  the final glue-up.  This cut my hand work in half, but it still was a bit of a job.

The final piece was 26" by 54".