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Sunday, March 3, 2013

This is a project in which I was enlisted to re-do the interior of this armoir.  These folks had gotten a really good deal on this beautiful walnut piece but the inside had been much abused.  A mirror on the back had been taken off and the mastic remained.  The lighting was in disrepair and some up-graded shelving was needed.

Much of the bottom level was still worth saving but hinges and glides needed repair.  In all, the quality of the cabinet made the rennovation worthwhile.

This is the finished interior.  I was able to salvage the lighting and, with the addition of glass shelves, add to the dispersed light on the inside.  Now glassware had a home and, you had enough light to work on the counter.  The hinges were adjusted so the large doors closed accurately and everything shined with TLC.

Now with the large doors closed the beauty of the walnut wood delights the eye.

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