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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Push stick tip #4

Building corner cabinets can be a nightmare especially when the angles are not 45.
I was trying to get corner shelves fit into this cabinet and forgot to allow for the 1/4 inch backs.  This led me to the problem of then cutting 1/4 inch off of each of the long sides on all the shelves.

To solve the problem and to keep all the good sides up I turned to my trusty push stick.  I always have a number of them with different thichness sides so I can rip narrow pieces.  This time the piece was only slightly over 1/8 inch.  The pusher that I made had 1/8 sides and so worked quite well in helping me with this task.

Take a look at how things worked out, in the video section.  The method takes careful technique.  If it doesn't feel right don't try it.  The pusher keeps the cutoff from flying up or back.

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