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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This is not so much a tip as a common sense idea.  If you are out to cut a small piece, cut it from a large piece.  The idea here is not to work with small pieces of trim  or anything, and put your fingers in danger. 

How many times have you started with a length of molding and worked your way down to the last few inches, then thought, "I just need one more two inch piece and I can get it out of this three inch chunk I have left".  Imagine the picture of you trying to hold this tiny piece of wood and making an angled cut on it with your chop saw. 
I've seen it.  You just don't feel like taking another eight foot piece for such a small piece.  What a waste.  I only have one more to cut.  I'll have to go out to the truck and get it... and it's raining...  and it's getting late...... and.... and....

Starting to see my point?  Don't yield to laziness, tiredness, or stupidity when your fingers are concerned.  Think, breath deep, use your brain.  You may have used a ten dollar piece of molding for two inches, BUT you can still count to ten!

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