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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Here is another "common sense" tip, born from experience.  This refers to the table saw and is important to note when cutting without the guard.  I know you do sometimes. 

When you are through with the cut and the pieces are past the blade on the off feed table, don't lift them up and over the spinning blade, even if the saw is coasting to a stop.  If by chance you drop the piece and it hits the blade it can become a wicked projectile.  The smaller and thinner the piece the worse it can be.  The piece can spin and travel like a disc and travel in any direction high or low. 

This is another reason for using guides but I know that some procedures won't allow you to.  If this is just one cut I'm making, I'll turn the saw off and lower the blade before retrieving the pieces.  Then I can just slide the pieces off the table safely.

Sounds simple but you have to think about doing it each time and form the habit.  It only takes one miss or slip to create an accident.  And you can ruin a beautiful piece of material and lose all the work you spent making it.

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